10 Sponsorship Ideas for Your College Fest

10 Sponsorship Ideas for Your College Fest
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This is a detailed list of the sponsorship ideas for the college fests.


  • What are some sponsorship ideas for a college fest?
  • What are the most innovative ideas to give the exposure to the potential sponsors?
  • What are some really innovative ways to provide value to the event sponsors?
  • How to make a good sponsorship proposal?


In the last blog post “How To Get Sponsorship For Your College Fest“, I emphasized the importance of providing value to the potential sponsors and finding some creative ways to give them the desired exposure.

Today, I am here to share some fresh sponsorship ideas with you. I hope the blog post will help you to create the awesome sponsorship packages for your college fest.

1. Event Apps

Event Mobile App can be best described as a digital brochure of your event. With the smartphone boom in the youth, Event app is becoming a key tool for the college fests.

The event apps are now turning out to be an exciting channel for the potential sponsors to reach to visitors. With our Event Apps Solution, you can sell in-app sponsorship where the sponsors can get uninterrupted attention.

Additional to standard ads, event app solution offers hot deals section where the event organizers can display deals from their sponsors helping them to get direct sales. With the In-app analytics, the sponsors can measure how many users have viewed their ads.

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2. Gamification

Competitiveness can trigger your event attendees to take the actions you want. The phenomenon is known as “Gamification”.

Gamify your event app. Your event app can have a system where your visitors can get certain points doing the desired task. It can be as simple as spreading the words about your event on their social media accounts or registering through the event app or participating in the custom polls, surveys.

Those points can be later redeemed at the sponsors stalls to get some discounts on the purchase. The goal of the system is to create a healthy competition among the visitors & persuade them to take action you want.

3. Social Media

Use your college fest’s official social media accounts to give visibility to the sponsors. Occasionally you can share some good post from the sponsor’s social media accounts.

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4. Video Interviews

Everyone likes to be featured in the media. With the spread of YouTube, Video is becoming the modern media so why don’t offer a video interview to the potential sponsor? where they can share their product/service information, company history & values.

5. Guest Blog

Every marketer is now talking about the pull marketing i.e. pulling the customers through the good content rather than wasting money on buying the interrupting ads.

If your college fest has a good blog with moderate traffic then why don’t offer the potential sponsor to publish a guest post?

Additional to the obvious benefits of SEO juices, Guest posting can be a good opportunity for your potential sponsors to create credibility among the readers.

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6. Selfie Wall

We all love selfies, right?

What would be better than creating a selfie wall painted by the main sponsor? This kind of selfie wall attracts the visitors attention.

The sponsor can organize a selfie competition where the visitors will have to click and upload their selfies to facebook with the defined hashtag for participating in the competition.

7. Sponsored Award

You can give the desired exposure to the sponsors by naming the awards with their brand name. You can offer them to sponsor a specific event. For example, a local gym can sponsor an event like arm wrestling.

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8. Wifi Sponsor

In this era of social media & smartphones, Wifi has become our basic need. Why don’t use this need as a medium to give the visibility to the sponsors?

You can offer potential sponsor to be your Wifi sponsors where the WiFi password will be the WiFi sponsor brand name.

9. Charging Spots

We all get frustrated by our draining smartphone batteries, Right?

Here the charging spots can become a life saver for us. That’s why, the charging spots can be an exciting opportunity for the potential sponsor to get noticed.

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10. Sponsored Lounge 

In the business world, networking is everything. The business people always search for the opportunities to network. With the sponsored lounge, you can give them the chance to put their brand in front of the other sponsors & decision makers.

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In the end, I will advise you to think from your sponsor’s perspective. You are going to ask them for their hard earned money so create a compelling offer where they can clearly see the value in your sponsorship proposal.


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