How To Reduce Rush at College Event Registration Desk

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How To Reduce Rush at College Event Registration Desk
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A Rush is not new for us. We see rush on our streets, locals trains, buses, markets but rush at your college event registration desk is not a great sight if you are the person sitting on registration desk or you are the organizer of fest.

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Don’t get me wrong.

More participants and more visitors are great but believe me, the rush at registration desk could hamper the reputation of your college to the outsiders. It may be taken as miss management.

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The participants asking a ton of questions about different events, requesting event brochures, demanding participation forms isn’t an exciting picture. College Event registration desk gives the first impression of your college to the outsiders & We are sure that you aren’t willing to spoil that. 

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So how can we solve this problem? How can you minimize rush at your college event registration desk & yet make your event a hit?

The answer is simple. Manage the rush before it comes to your registration desk. Answer participants questions, give them event schedule & event brochures in their pockets.

Take help of your Half girlfriend.  C’mon that’s not a rocket science. Yes, Go Mobile. That’s it.

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We, Crefix Technology have developed College Event Mobile Solution. Everything from Schedule to Registration of your college fest in a mobile app.

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We have provided our mobile app solution to many popular colleges in Mumbai. Check out the list here. Our clients list has names like Bhavans College (Andheri), Jai Hind College (Churchgate), Thakur Institute of Management Studies & Research (Kandivali), Institute of Chemical Technology (Matunga) formerly known as UDCT.

What are you waiting for? Go Mobile for your next college fest. Contact US here.