5 Solid Reasons To Have An Event Mobile App

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5 Solid Reasons To Have An Event Mobile App
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Mobile is now the primary access point for many people. Daily time spent on mobile devices is now outpacing TV. Having an event app is no longer a choice but it’s becoming a must-have thing for having a successful event or tradeshow.

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Not convinced yet? Here are 5 solid reasons to have an event app for your event or tradeshow.

1. Event app encourages Visitors Engagement

With Event mobile app, you can now engaged with your visitors. In this era of social media, Event attendees are not just visitors. They are influencers. They can share their views on social media & can affect their peers. This is kind of “Word of Mouth Publicity” which is absolutely FREE.

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2. Event mobile app facilitates personalization

We all love personalization & event app is not an exception. With event app, Attendees can mark seminars, events or exhibition stalls as favorite. It’s a great way for attendees to filter out & quickly access the events, exhibition stalls.

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3.  Get Full Event Schedule in visitor’s pocket

With an event app, your attendees can well before plan their visit to your event. They can browse through your event schedule and set the reminder for their favorite seminar, workshop.

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4. Branding, Branding & Branding

Event app is an excellent way to brand your event. You can also offer the exclusive event app sponsorship. Mobile has more visibility than any other form of display advertising.

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5. Environment Friendly

If your organization supports “Go Green” philosophy then you shouldn’t be using more printed brochures, here an event app can serve your needs. Your Printed stuff are useless after the event, but you can always update your app each year.

” Change is inevitable. Change is constant. ”

– Benjamin Disraeli

The above quote is also applied on your organization. Accept this positive change & make your event or tradeshow a successful one.

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