How To Lose Money With Local Marketing

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How To Lose Money With Local Marketing
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Are you looking for ways to your lose money with Local marketing? Great. You will find here some good ideas to do so.

1. Print Advertisements in the Town Paper

This one is my favourite. The size of the newspaper advertisement is directly proportional to amount of money burnt. Keep printing ads & keep losing money. Simple isn’t?

Printing Advertisements in newspaper is old way of local marketing (In marketing, old is not gold ). Can you tell me any 5 advertisements that you watched in newspaper you last read?

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If you can name 5 or more advertisements than you deserve a standing ovation from all, You are super-human but if you are targeting human population or communities & you are printing ads in newspaper then you are doomed to a failure.

These days, people don’t read newspapers, they scan them. They quickly glance over headlines & if they find any news that can affect their life or has some interesting stuff then only they read it.

Just ask yourself. Do you have time to read ads in newspapers? If not then why are you expecting your customers to do so?

2. Sponsor Local Events

Sponsoring local event has one biggest benefit, “Satisfaction of contributing to a cause or helping community” & that’s all it has. If you are seeing your banner at an event as a marketing medium then you are expecting too much.

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Ask yourself. How many banners you have seen in your last event? Visitors don’t see banners at events. It’s a bitter truth. Event organizers sell banner space with highlighting visitor’s count or showing expecting footprint but they can’t predict how many percent of event visitors will actually see your banner?

3. Flyers

Flyers are useless. People just take it & throw it away. Observe any person giving away flyers to the passing people on the street, i bet in just 100 meter range, you will find many flyers thrown away by people.

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Give away flyers & see your company name on street’s garbage.

“In a crowded marketplace, fitting in is a failure. In a busy marketplace, not standing out is the same as being invisible.”

– Seth Godin 

I love Seth Godin’s marketing philosophy. If you have a tough competition then burning out your money in these irrelevant local marketing activities won’t serve you. The world is noisy than ever. Differentiate yourself from the noise. Experiment with new local marketing channels. Stand out. Remember, Staying safe is risky.